Live the In Between

They enter your mind
weaving spells of enchantment
those that seek to hold and to control
the base and very basics of reality
conceived within the eye of mind
targeted and then projected
into the world at large

while the power of suggestion
lives and grows
through wires, live
electrical in their intensity
that flow through air and breathe
even while we grow
beneath the seas
of psyche's mysteries

We are and thus we need
to interact in our society
that grows too far, too fast
for us to know
and so we grow
believing we are in control
when in fact, a fiction
has been playing out
upon the stage of our own being

but we too are composed
of this living energy
that's used to breed
such loneliness and discontent
and we all just need to scream
at some point in our lives
to awake the deity that lives within
when love is freely given
as a gift, a grace, a blessing

then if we allow ourselves to love
all in return
the world is truly altered
for the streams of love
run true and deep and strong

until another comes along
sing-song voice to hypnotize
speaking subtleties that mesmerize
to block the loving stream
of life in motion

and intravenously, again
to hale the magic potion
of the spells that mind
alone can ever weave

Until we come to understand
the finer points of all relationship
we cannot find the will within
that can withstand the influx
of the mighty horde of hypnotists
that live and breathe
to just conceive themselves alone

On innocence they prey
without a care
or inclination to be true
and thus they seek to build
no more than clones
of their eventual destruction

Now here's the twist
oh, deep the faith
of unappealing rounds
of blind belief becoming pain
based upon some past mistakes
that these architects
of mind have made

yet truly can we come to see
and feel and even touch
the beauty in the tapestries
of true love's making
and thus a journey starts
to rekindle fires of the heart
that life may live itself to be
more and more a tapestry

of harmony that's co-created
one unto another and another
over time and through all life
the weaver's of the light
have intermixed, creating colors
in tinctures of an aura
that we may see and come to know
the truth that heart conveys

and all we have to do
is close our eyes and dive
straight, the way into our heart
to find that every healing starts
and will go on and on
because our heart would have it so
and flow in tones
of pink and blue and gold
with every pastel hue to quell
our ingrown misery

Listen! Can you hear
the beat of one heart true
growing now within the swells
of joint adventuring
that leave the high and low
to dwell beneath
and live the balanced
of the in between
that only love can bring . . . ?


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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