Living Entity

Emotions - do they only rise
from somewhere deep within?
but then what of those that crash
into our beings and our lives
from other sources
quite beyond the scope
of our experience?

and in the end
can we truly say
that one has owned
or kept or wept
a tear that is their very own
or can remain unknown
to all that is?

A wise man once inquired
what might be the course
of believing in creation of emotion
as if we were the source
of its great tides
that fill the very atmosphere
we breathe

and then he queried further
for what might we perceive
if we saw emotion as an energy
that moves us and moves through us
and further yet, could it not be
that each emotion forms an entity
in its own right?

Imagine that . . .
Emotion as an entity
entering and leaving
flowing and perceiving
and more than this, evolving
to its highest height
as we guide it through our heart
and understand it with the mind
and hear it with the ear of soul
and then, just then
as intuition enters in
find the words to speak its truth
for all the world to hear

while heard and known and understood
these entities might find a way
to join and then become
particles with the greater stream
we've come to know as love

then take it yet just one more step
into the realm of all relationships
that live and grow as we communicate
not just in words or thoughts
but in feelings passing back and forth
that form a flow between, betwixt
entering and leaving
e'en sometimes deceiving
when words and feelings do not match

and yet when love begins
the flow is clear and pure and strong
while right and wrong become
mere points within a greater tapestry
that lives and breathes
beyond and through
these human forms
because we dared set free
these living entities
with love and the experience
of heart . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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