The Living Light Within

Sitting in a meditative stance
I watch the sprites and faeries dance
and feel my love within me now
together in the whole somehow

Eyes shut tight, I see beyond
the waters of the sacred pond
as energy, alive and dancing
joins a life with life, enhancing

the view of all the universe
awareness stops and then reverse
entering the flow of mind
altering the flow of time

where all is one and one is all
aware now of the stardust's fall
that becomes a new world being born
composed of greater form

and hearts beat as the heart of one
becomes the freedom won
as senses swell in greater mind
I reach with consciousness and find

so many other souls within
the swirl of this new world's spin
dancing, joining, parting, free
to dance the dance of life, to be

as the golden dragon, flying high
a part of earth and sea and sky
so, too, is he a part of me
as love moves us through infinity

Copyright 1998 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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