Living the Dream

This earth, these forms;
this flesh, these cells
awaken to a dream-like reverie
and yet we move, we breathe, we feel
within a sense of magic mystery
that speaks in tones
of utter harmony;

Synchronizing days and nights to be
totally alive and flowing free -
for all the dreams we've ever dreamt
have now come down to this -
just one pure moment
of this loving symmetry.

It moves itself
without an ounce of strain,
dancing in a rain of nourishment;
as invisibly, we feel the need
of waking dreams that touch and tell
a tale of ecstasy that flows
through realms of flesh and blood.

While high vibrations
flood the atmosphere
entering and altering the threads
of tapestries of used to be;
imbibing in the sweet sensation
found within these forms
of an unerring consciousness,
anticipating everything
that now might come to be.

For we are living the dream
even as the dream seems now
to come alive within
these lives united
at the many levels
that existence is . . .


Revised 8/2/2001
Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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