Living Warmth

Lost and lonely cry upon the wind
descends upon a breeze of night
or could it be a distant chant
that grows so bold
upon these waves of air?

and silence responds for an instance
before night sounds resume
the quiet harmony of nature's song
that plays right through the dawn
of summer's morn

Yet a chill was left behind
as if from far and distant climbs
where snow outlives the warmth of spring
and lost and lonely souls abide
in touch with everything
yet never knowing anything
in intimate embrace at all

They chant instead of rant and rave
and call this meditation
as they shrivel in duration
of the nothingness they seek
pulling high and lofty thoughts
through clear-marked channels of their minds
and they seek to speak in rhyme of ancient tongues
even as their innocence becomes
aborted by the path they choose to walk

They speak of love
but never feel
that touch of love so real
transcending every boundary
as particles of flesh are made to sing
of glory more than mind's imagining
as soul responds to living warmth
arising from two hearts
that dare to love


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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