Loss of Love
Used To Be
 Never Full
 Never Love
 Once Was
 For a While
 Love's Betrayal
 I Needed
 Including Me
 Run Away
 Feel of Loss
 Lost Days
 Till the End
 Let the Wind
 In This Life
 Who Are They...?
 Love Is Real
 Blown Away
 Come Again
 For Warmth
 Never Be the Same Again
 Incubus of Infamy
 Ever Really Been
 In Sanity
 Into Mist
 Center Stage
 Within Each Tear
 Seasons of Divinity
 Tomorrow Never Came
 The First Time
 You Are Gone
 Love Matters
 Setting of Majesty
 Shades of Blue
 We Must Live
 The Carnival
 For the Starlight
 So Fast
 Speaking Distantly
 To Have and Hold
 Ever Born
 Porcelain Dreams
 To Go On
 Nothing Left
 Moving On
 Beyond Departure
 You're Gone
Wandering Wonder
Eyes Unveiled
 Yet More, It's True
 In Stasis
 I See Your Eyes
 Back in the Days
 Ghostly Images
 Within Reality
 Healing Again
 Rise in Her
 Endless Shadows
 What Difference...?
 As You Dream
 To Dance Together
 Its Recall
 His Absence
 The Only Point
 Never Home At All
 In Its Arms
 New Tomorrow
  Could Have Been
 Tell Me
 Basic Changes
 Open Doors
 Not At All
 To Trust In Love
 That's Reality
 Holds Us
 To Stand Between the Two
 Fading Strength
Tried Too Hard
Do You Remember...?
 The God Game
Couldn't End
 Live the Aftermath
 Do You Fear...?
 The Afterglow
 Falls Too Far
 Still Breeds
 Beyond the Shadow
 He Remembers
 Never Real
 The Right to Love
 Once in a Lifetime
 Over a Year
 Honesty and Innocence
 The Feel of Real
 Love Has No End
 These Words
 Who They Really Are
 Into the Black
 And Me
 A Little While
 Love's Anticipation
 He Speaks To Me
 Purple Haze
 The First, The Last
 Movement of Amends
 Living Love
 Love Is Now
 To Start Anew
The First Division
 Without You
 Night Descending
 Remember This
 I Remember You
 An Affair
 Ancient Imagery
 Your Choices
 This One Sadness
 Without You Here
 Death Before Rebirth
 Restless Hearts
 This Last Goodbye
 To Move Again
 You Do Too
 Were You Surprised?
 A Sudden Gust
 The Night Is Bold
 Meaningless Echoes
 So Full of Love
 Ways and Means
 Return To Love
 The Gist
 Captured Moment
 Past Rage
 When You Were Here
 How Deep
 Shadow of a Memory
 Ever Love
 More Than a Year
 Now That You're Gone
 All We've Left Behind
 I Had a Love
 Reality Speaks
 To All of Life
 This Great Love
 To Care Enough
 A Specter
 No Time At All
 Oh So Close To Mine
 On These Grounds
 End of a Relationship
 If Only
 Each Other
 Moving Out For Good
 Not In This End
 Holding In
 T Minus
 Broken Dreams
 Too Soon
 Of Him
 Another Lover
 Clinging To Threads
 The Final Letting Go
Of Thee
 Burning Bridges
 The Truth
 Of Absence
 Cosmic Twist
 And So Did He
 Ever Knew
 He Dreams
 Never There
 In the Wings
 In Meaning
 How Quickly
 Used To Be
 Onward to Elsewhere
 Too Much
 When Love Was
 At a Distance
 Better Ash
 One Reality
 Christmas Eve (2001)
 The Great Unknown
 His Fall
 Family Secrets
 It Is There
 How Great the Cost
 To Even You
This Time is Forever
 Fade Away
 All My Needs
 Red-Tinted Gold
 Energy Divine
 Sultry Summer Nights
 For Real
 Love Is Here
 Silent Intonation
 Heart of Ice
 Your Favors
 Simply Say Goodbye
 The One Who Isn't There
 Free Obsession
 Unspeakably Complete
 To Stay Together
 Best of All
 Aging Memories
 Your Decisions
 Past This Point
 Ever Been
 Times Gone By
 Their Way
 Drift Away
 Mea Culpa
 Cup of Life
 From Love of You
 In Time
 To Bring It Home
 Some Part of Me
 This Silence Beats Too Strong
 Touch of All That's Real
 Lust for Life
 Surrender to the Storm
 Love Unspent
 Shock's Denial
 To Find You There
 Gone Away
 For Unity
 To Take the Fall
 Away Again
 As If
 Clear Away
 Enough To Say Goodbye
 Truly Love
At All
 To Death

 Take Me Home...
Copyright© 2002, Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved