Lost Immortality

Some speak of rage
without its resolution
as its power smothers
the creative spark
and they focus on
the darkness of the night
but refuse to see the glow
of moonlight's prism, gold
and glittering stars
that light the heavens
with the hues of love's embrace

While others will express
unending sorrow
for they see no more ahead
than death
that they might finally be
imagining, set free
from their own imprisonment

yet somehow their reasons
do not ring true
for they avoid their life
amid the strife of grief
and cannot find relief
amid the crowd
They cry out loud
instead of looking deep inside
for what might heal
their many wounds

There are those, too
who want to save the world
yet cannot even save themselves
from the fear society imposes
afraid to move
lest their movement
by the horde, be seen as wrong
the horde - some stranger in
no better place than they
They do no more than follow
afraid to take the lead
and face the true responsibility
of soul
as ever more surely
the din of all that they are not
just steals their voice away

Never knowing why
they die for nought
while all the while
spirit holds the key
to the immortality
of all they are


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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