Lost Within the Whole

I'm feeling lost
as if my soul had drifted
somewhere far away from me
and I wonder where I ought to be
or where I might belong

I listen to the sounds
of others that surround me
and realize not many live alone as I
and then I wonder why it is I do

Some would say it's been my choice
yet rarely could I choose
the path of those who came into my life
and chose to drift away again
when that choice was theirs, not mine

Or is that true…?
Do I somehow make them want to leave?
There are those I've asked to leave
but what of all the others

those who claimed to be my friends
and even family
why do they build their own reality
so far away from mine?

and while I know that solitude
can be a blessing
for certain spans of time
too much will leave an emptiness inside
longing to be filled by interaction
for what is life without relation…?

and even in the peace of meditation
desire rises up inside
I reach and touch the whole
because I need to know
I'm not alone
but even this is not enough
to fill the void I feel inside

Sad, the paths that lead to such a life
and I wonder how many there are
as lost and wondering as I


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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