Love Is There

We look for love
in the strangest of places
while love is there to be known
in every flower ever grown
in hearts almost too old to beat
yet a grace of rhythm still repeats
an endless chant, a prayer
that love might grant us ecstasy

An open heart
can never be alone
for love is there
to comfort and to share

Seek and you shall find
the love you left behind
so long ago
for the living truth
of endless youth
is love

Know divinity
within the grace of motion
and harmony of music flowing
through eternity
in notes so pure and sweet
a portal opens to the seat
of the source of all that is
and I kneel in this bliss
of ecstasy

as I float in mystic blue eternal skies
alive within the lows and highs
of thee


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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