Love Itself

Oh love, my love
my future lies within thee now
hoping and believing that
this state of love will power
all the hours of our being
for this, just this
this majesty of loving bliss
that I have found with only you
has become the very anchor
of my life

and you lead me
oh my love, my life, to places
that I've never known before
where love of all that is
becomes a love embracing
this ideal that I've tried to live
yet now, just so much more
than any place of fantasy
has e'er conceived in me before
for you believe this too
this love we share so true, so real
and come at last, to aid me in this quest
of love that's born and carries on
in this infinite reality of form

as we seek, and thus continue
in this quest for love's survival
beyond a mere expression
that imbibes itself invisibly
committed to this love's reality
in form and flesh, in unity
including mind and matter
in one touch of this infinity
of love forever flowing free
through our hearts that speak
thus freeing all this love to be itself
beyond all norms
absolving and absorbing
in this flow of love astounding
all that has now passed
within this loving unity of ours . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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