Love Made Real

 Sexual Harmony
 Mist of Magic
 Sweet Desire
 Unity of Love
 Living Melody
 He Writes
 Simple Words
 Oh Infinite
 You Bring To Me
 Miracle of Miracles
 We Ease Our Way
 Tongue Tips
 One Eternal Kiss
 Loving Times
 All of Me
 This Truth
My Love
 Night's Subtlety
 Falling Softly
 Master of Seduction
The Seventh Power
Of I Love You
 Reaching Center
 As He Ascends
 There Is Love
 This Ecstasy
 Her Eyes
 Love's Reality
 What Can Be Known
 Dreams Awakening to Form
 Just Love
 Back to Love
 Love's Creation
 Apple Blossoms
 Soft and Silent Power
 At Half Moon
 Center Stage
 His Approach
 Particle of Light
 Breathe the In Between
 Just One More Step
 Just Drawing Near
 One on One
 Into an Inferno
 I Come for You
 Wish for Happiness
 Whole To Whole
 The Warmth of Thee
 In a Tone
 Of Flesh
 He Comes To Me
 I Do
 So Sure
 Path of Love
 Infinite Embrace
 Tint of Yellow Roses
 Become Reality
 One Soft Caress
 Love, True Love
In Love
 Twofold Flight
 Sweet Repose
 His Response
 Bringing It Back to Love
 This Is Bliss
 Seeking Entrance
 View of Immortality
 They Meet
 Upon Our Skin
 Just a Dream
 Cosmic Blue
 Reality in Form
 Revealed in Form
 Just Love Yourself
 The Feel of True
 Of Flight
 As One Alone
 Within Your Heart
 Fantasy of Flesh
 To Move Outside
 Utter Bliss
 Rhythm in the Night
 Whispered Promises
 In Artistry
 Eternity Made Real
 Love Itself
 Drawing Near
 Ecstasy's Remembering
 To Sleep and Wake
 You Came Home
 The Only Words
 The Scent of Us
 Your Smile
 Sweet Infinity
 All We Know To Be
 Eternally Beginning
 Just One
 Parted Veils
 Your Touch
 One True Love
Miracle in Motion
 We Love
 Angel in Disguise
 Come With Me
 Bliss of All Creation
 Beyond Fear
 To Fly Higher
 An Idea in the Wind
 Soul and Meaning
 Whisper Me Awake
 To Coalesce
Feel of Experience
 Beyond Fear
 Right Now
 Most of All
 Fantasies of Flesh
 Our Creation
 Come Fly With Me
 We Dance
 Never-Never Land
 A Natural High
 Come Alive
 Infinity in Form
 Turn Around
 Soft Whispers
 Crystal Currents
 Flesh and Form

 Take Me Home...
Copyright© 2002, Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved