Love of Earth

In the silence of the night
the moon aglow in starlit skies
will call our name
whispering love's sweet refrain
asking us to take a chance
and letting go, just dance

upon the winds of heart's desire
as flames unite, and endless fire
burns bright and leaves a trail
outshining moonlight paled
in the contrast of the glow
as focused on the love we know
our spirits fly
through nighttime skies

to find another soul who knows
that love is what must grow
for then the earth flies too
through a universe that's born anew
in the interplay of heart and mind and soul
as we dare to reach and touch the whole
and know
our movement mattered

while the past in mindset shattered
dissipates the rain in morning dew
dissolving all we thought we knew
within sweet silence singing
of moments lived in love
while spirit voices sigh
in a symphony of windblown skies
gentled by the love we dare to share
with all that is

Listen! Now the trees will speak
of more love than any soul might keep
in time
while space becomes eternity
and a loving touch the one reality
we live to heal the earth
that heals us all


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All rights reserved
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