Love’s Blessedness

The sun and moon weave dreams of sweet delight
through hazy clouds of pastel light; just as the night
begins to tune its threads into a harmony
of earthen ways. Sun setting through the green
of trees that whisper softly in a breeze of all
that we are truly meant to be – this love.

It winks before it sets us free, glowing tenderly -
secretly, as if to say "Oh love, my love, we’ll play
ourselves through nights and days of pure eternity."
Just then a cool breeze whispers tenderness into
all ears that might be listening; tickling a certain sweet
sensation to the fore; and we begin to rock into a roll
so slightly swaying, tempting toes to move a little closer.

Hands seek a touch (oh, yes, we must!) be true to
this pure sweetness of temptation; for hearts must beat
this love into existence; even as our bodies move
within a heat divinely natural and all-encompassing.
Trust, just trust, this feeling true, to grow and multiply;
for you and I (my love, oh love) now simply fantasize.
Yet in this fantasy, I feel a love so real, I must respond,
perhaps within a song, a poem, a lilting lullaby; or yet
again, in brushed-on hues of colors cross the sky.

An instrument (oh mighty lyre of Orpheus) is here;
it hums itself into all ears, delirious – as if a trickster
(Is that Pan?) is whispering through inner ears;
enticingly, this music brings the best back into this -
these very forms of flesh, as hearts begin to beat again,
perhaps a little differently, yet real. Rock me, love,
and roll me down, to feather softness on a dew-lit lawn.

Oh there! Just listen. Do you hear...? A faery
singing oh so near, she simply must be real.
(Oh spirit of this earth, come to me now, and
stay with me the whole night long, within this ever
growing song of loving harmony.) Just now, this
faery touches you, as tenderly a kiss now feels
itself into a gentleness that needs and wants
no more than to be real and ever living in this
love of innocence that feels its way along within
a song.

Awake now, dreaming endlessly, this love is ever
feeling its way home. Hands, oh hands of healing,
please bring your need to me (goddess, earth, is
this your voice I hear...? So long have I awaited thee
to live through me again...) This must be true, for now
I feel it happening: this preciousness arising of a
loving spirit gliding, guiding me to flow into infinity
and back again with you.

Uncontrolled and so revealing, we mesh within a nexus
of it all within this love, our love, one love. Oh quality
of life divine, scenting softly earth’s great atmosphere
(breathing, ever breathing more of being - as if this love
itself had come full circle into hearts around a world
that ever poses as our only compensation). Love
(oh hazy days of every youthful heart’s rebellion),
our need at last is being met in full. One on one,
expanding ever out and in again through realms
of seeming moments of insanity.

High and low (oh valleys ever peaking!), found in
every moment of the strength of our surrender, as
ever we continue in this streaming flow of energy -
it glistens so enchantingly, the stormy seas must
calm themselves to see a wider view. For now
this roller coaster ride is gliding slowly into
skies of indigo that come to meet and greet
the glow of ever rising settings of the suns
(oh stars, are you too suns of living, loving quality...?)

Hush, oh hush, so loudly ringing in these mortal
ears that hear a higher melody; as if the heavens
opened out within and yet without; in promises,
we hear them true and then, their truth rebounds
as we are bonded with infinity (flowing, rolling
as this earth that ever moves in slow, sweet motion.
Awaken, oh you silent soul, and speak your words
aloud that all might hear – the ever living beauty
that your voice brings oh so near.

Healing (oh heart, my heart, your heart) our hearts
into an endless opening, awake within a realm
beyond imagining, where we can simply reach
and touch the stars, even as we flow right through
the very center of the earth itself. Oh, rainbow energy,
revealing everything within a sphere of harmony!
I see you now, as if a bridge (expanding silently),
brought half to wholeness ever blossoming
within a singularity of spirit (we are one, oh
earthen deity, with thee...)

Warmth, oh warmth of suns that shine forever,
encompass us again within a ring that guards
all fields and trees and zones and tones of health
and happiness. Hands, oh hands, come reach
and touch; for in one loving gesture we become
the greatest healing of all. Joy, oh joy beyond
all happiness, we’re real! Love, sweet love,
now surely you must be the healing ingredient
beyond all medication; for I have felt and seek
to always feel this way (in living, growing memories)
alive again in ecstasy; that speaks no more of past or
pain, yet seeks to reach both high and low, right
here, right now.  (Oh can it be...? this
in between is truly where we are!)

I feel, I’ve felt, I know somehow within my heart,
that futures are arising even now, once only dreamt.
I seek and then I follow; meekly then, somehow I
lead, an ever-growing symphony of love, simply
following one theme, that beats my heart into
a syncopated rhythm, responding to a silent
need of child-like fantasy. I dream within
a realm of innocence and fantasy, knowing
beyond knowledge, this is real – this one
awakening of love so true that streams
through everthing we feel.

I offer blessings to us all, we children large
and oh, so small; and so I’m blessed somehow,
for a spark abides within these eyes - a gleaming,
glowing, pure angelic feel of perseverance, and
a majesty of strength that surely each of us once
felt sometime before. Now, in days that ever flow,
I come once more to know a glow of healing –
so complete that even I must pause for just
a mini, micro, secondary space and place
beyond all time.

Love, oh love, you are my new beginning beyond
endings; within these rising falls that peak and
speak themselves in weaves that reach to blend
and rearrange it all (the large, the small, the in
between). Bless (oh blessing, ever new) - anciently, we
dream of your dear future in remembering just this:
this feel of one infinity, while through it all, this love,
one love, will guide us through it all – so tenderly,
that we must come again, in spirals ever circling,
unendingly revealing this ecstasy of sweet delight.
Incredible!  Oh love, I feel you now,
and know beyond all knowledge:
Love is real...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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