Love's Creation

Quite suddenly
a realization dawns
that today, right now
each moment
is an opening out

that awaits no more
and yet no less
than all the love
that I can offer

For this truly is the best
that any one can ever do
to simply love

Love all life
and life itself
is made to come alive
in multiples expanding
as e'en air begins to speak
in utter clarity

and the wind responds
with the capacity
to blow all ill away
while visions play
without, within
spinning in forever cycles
that supplement the history
of life composed in linear time

while space just opens out
reaching seeking
for the fullness of
its own completion
as creation comes to form
to end, once and for all
the many pains
of our destructive attitudes

Can you hear . . . ?
those gentle voices on the wind
speaking of a wisdom
that only heart can bring
into expression

Do you see . . . ?
the stars that shine so bright
each night becomes
a coloring of ecstasy

as every darkness is dissolved
in flows of love in motion
while even memory
is at last allowed
its freedom in this light

Do you remember when . . . ?
heart open and free
we became the melody
of everything

Or could it be
this is our task
our one true task in life . . . ?
to create love
and with it flow
into eternity . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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