Love's Initiation

It's as if we are now are entering
the point of love's initiation
where all that is will try to stand
apart from all we love the most

This is not an easy task we have been set
to prove this love exists
e'en to those who've never known
a moment of pure bliss

and so we must stand strong
knowing right and wrong
do not apply in any ordinary sense
for this love of ours is more

than even vast imagining can be
defying any system ever known
rebelling within right and wrong
to bring us to a state beyond compare

because we dare to take these steps
and share ourselves completing
just this sense of you and I
in total harmony

and the power rises to be
this love, this life
this light beyond the strife
of living night

that brings the dawn
to every morn
in dazzling phosphorescent colors
as our love expands into eternity


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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