Love Speaking

I will speak in the tongue of the natives
and they will hear me
and know me

Some will even become me
but only those who surrender
completely to my movement

For I am the love of all that is
You will know me by the feel of me
But first you must know
of all that I am not

I am not greed or selfishness
or shadows born of fear
Yet I am at home in the darkness

Nor am I the burning rays of light
that seek to pierce in destruction
Oh no, I am a soft and gentle breeze
Yet my strength is immeasurable
my penetration complete

And my presence alters everything...

I am not the path you tread
yet I am your innermost need
the one greatest desire within you
that burns to be fulfilled

I fill each heart that dares to open
with a joy that is unbounded
by time or space or thought

For I am the primal source of life
the seed of creativity awaiting
your unmitigated invitation
to enter you and become real

uniting all you feel into
a stream of love so true
that past becomes a future forming
while dark becomes the star of morning

shining through the heart and soul
of this vast becoming whole
if you but seek me, I will be
the feel of love that sets you free

? Michaelette?

Copyrightc 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All rights reserved
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