Love's Sublimity

The air is heavy, moist and hot;
another shot is heard to ring around
the world again, speaking in a bloody
voice of wars that never seem to win
a thing. Not safety, nor security, nor
warmth of heart and home. Then Zeus,
the mighty thunderer, brings yet another
cool wind of pure clarity that ever follows
moisture in this re-opening of pores
and particles.

How much can any one heart really
love a thing that they so carelessly just
throw away, as if it had no meaning
and no worth...? How can one feel
the real of any altering when they
are bent on the belief in sameness
as their only safety and priority...?

Why do we do it then...? Returning
to those people who provide the most
abuse to us of all? When will we finally
rise above their fall, as their calls echo
carelessly within a windy night that's
meant to be of love and verity. As they
take no more than just another spin
around the bend to find release within the
ever-living base of love that we provide -
only to leave again, and leave us with
their feelings that have always left
us reeling in the rush of yet
another grand departure.

Why do we feel we must respond...?
to every crises they have spun, each
time they come too close to reaching
that one level of their true responsibility -
that point that leaves them reeling on
the brink of all that they refuse to learn -
from all the many moves they've made and
the multitude of choices they have spent
their energy of creativity upon. Why do our
hearts beat harder, even now, as they
approach...? When wisdom pleads and
cries to us that we must not respond.

What path can one alone e'er choose,
when love becomes no more than blue -
within a shade and hue that ranges on insanity...?
How many times will we be left, to pick up all the
pieces of our lives - as once again,
another bomb is planted and set off -
for ever will they choose to leave again.
No matter the sincerity behind their loving
words; no matter gentle touch that feels as
if their love were true - the truth lies in the
aftermath of all they say and do.

And if belief in this love's perseverance
proves untrue in them - why must it mean
the downfall of the love we feel within...?
And so I rise, yet one more time; and so
I speak these words in love's defense.
For no matter those who prove untrue,
this love itself was always meant to be
the one priority of life, ever coming into
consciousness - beyond descriptive phrases
that are set up to enhance desires that
never rise above the waist in them,
to reach the level of the heart
of all divinity.

Can anyone, in this time of hasty
moving on, come close to touching just
one moment of this love that life is based
upon...? Or will you merely throw it all
away yet once again; assured by marketing
and advertising that replacements will be
ushered in and made into reality...?
If only you just pay a price that ever
rises higher - yet this is what they'd
have us know as sanity - when zeroes
added one unto another still add up
to nothing real at all.

No matter that a deep and lasting emptiness
still grows inside of you. For what can
feelings matter, on a scale of only one
to two and back again? And is this not
the gist of this computerized society that
we have come to dwell within...?

(Magic, magic, come to know this love
within the third of femininity again, else
all is lost... for we've been tossed too long
amid the swarms of greediness that brings
no warmth or pleasure to this templed flesh
that we must come to live within reality...
The moon - it halves and wholes itself
so easily within these tides of being -
why can't we...?)

And yet I know that each of us have come
to know one moment true; when love itself
brought meanings' worth into a touch of
awesome beauty reaching out -
overwhelming every bend and bent of those
solicitous attitudes. For we are born of
earth's divinity - and this one earth that grants
us life and limb has come to speak in wisdom
lying far beyond/beneath, the hypnotism that
brings illness to a point of no more than the
disability of death's disease, less healing.
(For still, all primal power lies within
a sense of intuition, that ever finds
its base in just the instincts that
religious attitudes have us deny.)

Have you ever stopped to truly see the beauty
of a tree...? And listened to it whisper freely in a
friendly breeze that has no will or want or
aptitude - but only speaks because its life
must be this one expression of
the purity of love...?

Have you ever the felt the awesome power
of one little, lonely star that shines so far away
that men would say it alters not a thing...? And
yet one little star, one loving light, can alter
everything, if only we believe in what we feel.
I speak not of the feelings brought upon us
by society; nor emotions all to easily projected
in an offense of defensiveness. I speak here
of emotions that are truly heaven sent.
Yet heaven lies not up within the reaches
of some infinitely unresponsive space.

No, heaven lies right here within each gentle touch
of loving grace, ever sounding itself deeply into
being. For long and long, these questions have
revolved in deep debate; yet now complexities of
ever-altering time and space have brought a halt
to every movement of our souls that need to be
themselves, and speak in heartfelt words that mean
much more than just a passing phase or phrase.
And no matter if we live within the heights or at
the depths; one answer rings its truth into our
lives - and this is love. Love that ever alters all
our thoughts of ought to be; as destiny becomes
the only dream that we can dream.

Will we continue with that psychotherapy...?
Moving into realms where radioactivity can
blast the cancer of unspoken needs into
another battle - yet another war that never
answered any basic need at all; but only
proved that yes, we can extend these lives
with which we have been blessed.  It must matter,
though, the misery created.  Can endless
minutes of mere repetition ever stand up to
one moment of pure loving bliss and ecstasy...?

Shall we chant yet once again upon
Gregorian standards ever out of sync
with tides of earth and air and sky still
heated by the endless fire of sun...?
Will we create another drug-imbued
excuse for all the lies we choose to tell
just because some great, unfeeling power
told us they are true?

Or will we finally reach and teach the
strength of love that lies in the endurance
of the heartbeat of the earth...? Never
has she asked for sufferance, nor sought
the powerlessness of anyone's surrender.
Never has she chosen one to rise upon the
pain of any other; yet still she seeks
that all might reach to touch the love
of eyes beheld within her skies.
And never has she sought to block
the energy of immortality that lives in these,
the shapes and forms of her creation.

I've read the tomes of history and gone
yet further still; reaching back to ancient
schools of mystery and myth. I've reached
much further still, and come to know the
stars and moon and sun - and all that lies
beneath, beyond, the power of a brain
entranced by minds who thought that
the power of control would e'er extend
the worth and meaning of their lives -
yet all I see are lives in waiting,
for some errant miracle of gods invisible,
to change the movements they themselves
still will to be in this reality.

I've traveled on a beam of light, and
broken into rainbow hues of ever-living
color. Each time, I come again to
rediscover just one truth abides
within all life, and that this life must
come to be forever. Not in a multitude
of thoughts of some hereafter
that can never fill our need;
but here and now, and flowing ever
onward through eternity.

There is a clarity within the air that
each of us must breathe and then
become. Hard-put have we, this species
of humanity been brought to be, to write
the story lying in love's ever-changing waves,
of particles that seem no more than just
another grain of sand upon an endless shore;
moving as some other, alternating tide
beseeches that we move - as if these
one and only grains of sand did not
believe in all the beauty that they grant
unto the sea within their sparkling;
as sunlight reaches down and touches them
with love into infinity. (And all of this, it costs
no more than just one scent tossed freely
into wells of our own innocence.)

And what, my friend, can one alone
believe, just here, at this one point where
we must reach beyond the blindness
of all partiality...? For truly, every particle
of life was born of this essential need - and
ever must we reach to yet fulfill its call of
destiny. Reach, just reach - once more,
just dare to open out your hand - and you
will find another answer blowing in the
wind - alive with in each blade of grass
and flowers' opening - for truly do we
touch and come to know all life this way -
within one ever-opening touch that beats
our hearts through love's sublimity...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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