Love's Survival

The dark of night
Oh, let this love be true
even as the stars shine through
our dreams of day's meandering

yet when you're gone
there is a pain
beyond the realm of measuring
that somehow, I alone
can't seem to find a way to heal

Each time we have to part
it seems my heart
just wants to skip so many beats
that life begins to feel no more
than just the heat of love
left unimagined

and truth be told
of late, this state
of loneliness that comes
each time you're gone
seems spun of all
these seemingly impossible
dreams that dream themselves
into the state that most
now call awake

yet even now
I sense you here
just loving me
in every dear and gentle way
and so I seek to stay
within this atmosphere
that only love's composure
seems to bring

and pray that you will come to me
again within these dreams
of love's survival . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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