Love's Tomorrow

The butterflies of summer's bloom
come back to me within a swoon
of winter's chill to warm these nights
that seem to grow so unbearably long
yet still, these songs of love play on
and reach to touch the core of heart
at the centerpoint of all we are
and can ever hope to be
touching lightly down upon our being
bringing gentleness
within the very innocence
of their incorporate being
even as the beast of time and space
arises to impose itself
within these realms of utter being

Sometimes we seem no more than just a mess
yet just at the point when messiness
arises to exceed itself within transcendence
primordial order impresses itself
back into us within a sense of primal beating
when nature's cyclic order brings
sensation back to all of being
and this must be the core of all of life
as the gossamer of butterflies
flits fitfully through azure skies of sun
ascending with a breeze and yet
seeking, ever seeking for the nectar
and the warmth it needs to carry on

While gentle, oh so gentle is its touch
that we find we must accept this gentleness
even now, within this driving need
of deep desire that reaches to the core
and seems within its feel to just explode
but, oh, this sweet implosion echoes out into
transcendence of dependence
that is no more than just disease
even when the feel of ease is what we need

Yet now, these butterflies somehow are one
with the stillness at the center of all storms
living on within these forms that must believe
in the ascendance and descendance
of this flesh that lives and breathes
their gentleness of gossamer wings
into the angels' realm of all that loves
and loving, must become this moment of
the unity of strength within the gentleness
of all of love's tomorrows . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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