Magical Reality

Magical, these realms of love's arrival
where streams of dreams live on in symmetry
and music rises through all being
creating songs of utter harmony
as you and I allow this love
to sing its way into reality
in notes that chime through all eternity
where gods and goddesses
awaken yet again in these essential realms
of our existence

And so we take a stand, we must
believe this love in utter trust
for these hearts of ours
now beat in utter sync
and flesh responds, resounding
each experience of ecstasy

As the intimate and universal
come to blend all in between
in more than sympathy
for this love we feel is real
more real than any feeling ever spent
in chance and happenstance

While heart and mind are reeling
in the joy of our discovery
this infinite arrival of all ecstasy
brought down again to this reality
within love's essence, now secure
that begins yet cannot end
for it flows eternally and magically
through flesh and form . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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