Magic and Memories

enchanted oft' by years
of their depression
arise again to tempt and tease
yet they do not always please
the memory maker

What magic then
within the mind
draws the energy to find
a way to recreate
the meaning in experience?

And who's to say
a memory is true
and not nine-tenths imagination?

that in all the years
of swimming round within the deep
just where we keep all fear denied
it might not have grown much larger
than it truly was and more than this
combined with other memories
of other lives and times
or stories told within the dark
on stormy nights
to peak a child's fright

for fear becomes a glue that binds
and when suddenly the dark of mind
is brought into light
we can't help but feel the fright
we told ourselves we'd overcome

when once again resolve's undone
and just the feel of fear we hate
leads us, magically, to face
just who we were
and who we've come to be
within thia span
of memories eternal


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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