Manic Depressive

Manic depressive
the high and the low
as peaks and valleys
take us into
a world beyond the everyday
where we are lost in dreams
of all that could have been
if only we were sane
and played the games
that way that others did

Manic depressive
the high and the low
How is it that we can care so?
for all those souls
so lost, so lone
that travel in the twilit zones
of yesterdays
now over, done
and why, oh why
can't we just run away?

Manic depressive
we see life so clear
what difference now
the far and near
when in the mind
we take the tour
of magical, mystical
days that endure
beyond time

Manic depressive
we love, never hate
but strike out in anger
when love comes too late
to appease the many feelings found
within this ring, this sacred round
of solitary, safe seduction
secluded here within our minds
where soul and spirits play

Manic depressive
a time and a place
beyond any measure
beyond any space
where time floats by
in bright balloons
like bubbles
heading for the moon

Manic depressive
no self-preservation
for instinct is gone
pre-programmed away
and survival just a game we play
to pass the time they say is real
those that never learn to feel

and we shall conquer all
for we do not care
for the rise and the fall anymore
We've found that winning is attained
in realms beyond all loss and gain
and so we win, again and again
as we ride this roller coaster ride
one drop upon the endless tides
of life . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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