To come into being
pure and true, complete
as a pulse repeats
born within the core of earth
that circles round and round
a core of sunshine seeking -

To come into being
fully and completely formed
and thus desire was born
of eons that evolve to live and grow
until it comes to truly know
the base of all experience

So too, we come to seek the peak
of all experience
only to find
that it cannot be known
by mind alone

for it needs so much more
than mind alone can know
it needs to know the feel
and touch of bliss
within this form again reborn
of its eternal seeking

Forever has it sought
the feel of ecstasy
that only form can bring
into existence

So no matter the distance
that we call space
or the time we've created
to count out each pace
this desire we feel, is at base
an everlasting, ever-living
awe-inspiring phenomenon

that seeks through us
its own incumbent
incubated living form
found only through the heart
that beats in sync
with hearts' eternal rhythms


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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