Tonight is a night for memories
adrift upon the breeze
and too, for bridges built
that extend beyond the guilt
we have been taught

when all the mess
intruding on our bliss
is finally let go
and all the many moods
must have their say

for all that has been left unsaid
arises to be spoken in this night
expressed in words now born
within a form of artful instigation

for life must flow
or it will surely die
and spirit grows
in expression of the skies

perceived by those who dare
become conscious
of the darkness of the night
and every shadow
that intrudes upon the day
of our awareness

Love lives to thus awaken
all our senses to receive
this light perceived
within reflection

when we make the time
to stay awake and find
that fantasy of mind
is matter-making

and all the love
in past forsaken
lives on eternally
in memory


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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