Listen to the quiet
ringing loudly in the ear
focus on the high-pitched hum
that only you can hear

Let it take you deep inside
until the dark becomes the light
while lone becomes the world wide
and stillness becomes spirit's flight

encompassing all variations
climb the deep incline
free of every expectation
to touch eternity sublime

Know the vast and never-ending
echo of lifeís sweetest song
as paradox becomes the blending
and weak becomes the very strong

This low point now becomes the highest height
where the view can take the breathe away
encompassing the day and night
as time and space become the play

of mind and matter integrating
parts into a whole
soul and spirit celebrating
uniting high with low

and heart beats, very slow and mellow
meditationís focus point
respiration scant and shallow
as divinity anoints

the seeker who has left behind
the vanity of mortal mind
and dared the dark and empty void
to find the point of light inside

Exposed, the point of light expands
encompassing the world of man
bringing down the feeling of
the living light of love

?Michaelette ?

Copywrite© 1998 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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