Melt Into

Make it or break it
this time it's for real
for this love must be a flow
that never ends
one unto another unto one
seemingly alone in individuality
yet more than this
a spark, a seed
that lives within divinity
reaching, ever reaching
for the sense of its totality

as we feel the sap, the strength
the deep and mighty need
ingrown within these trees
of natural order and descent
and too, within all branches
that reach out to touch the skies
of all tomorrows
while rooted in the past
that's only known in future's call

and then the fall
as emotion takes the fore
and we reach to step beyond
the doors and windows
that now run in splendid colors
within us

if only once we reach and touch
the core of utter being
alive and well within each cell of flesh
that dares to grow beyond the feel
of utter loneliness
and comes to know this soul
as particle becoming waves
within the greater movement of it all

Undivided and surreal, this feel
as we break through bonds
of silent secrecy
to speak the truth of love
within this motion felt as one
great utterance of being
that melts into the shores
of evermore . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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