In Memory

Weep tears of joy for me, my friend
if in my passing you must weep.
I am but taking a new step
in my journey of existence.
Ease my transition by letting me go.

Once in existence
we always remain
to be perceived perhaps
in a new light.

This new reality is built on the old.
Love grows stronger
when built on the love
of all who passed before us.

My love will be with you
in death as in life.
That part of our realities
will always be joined.

Weep tears of joy for me, my friend.
When joined to eternity
we take the form of love in motion.
Think thoughts of me with love
and there I will be
perceived if unseen
felt if unheard
loving just the same.

In death
as in birth
as in life
the love is found
in the letting go.

In letting go
we grant the freedom
of coming back.
Like darkness and light
or a sunbeam in water
we leave...
to return...
to leave...
to return...
Such a simple beauty in that
like coming home again at last.

Weep tears of joy for me, my friend.
It doesn't hurt when we cry together.

? Michaelette ?

Copywrite© 1998 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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