Memory in Vision
? William A. Romano ?
Pine Trees, evenly spaced;
holding down the almost manicured lawn.
Their tops amongst the pseudo-patterned clouds
of a non-controversial sky.
Lights blinking, flashing, ever moving
illuminating memories of a happier time.
Simpler, younger, earlier,
so uncomplicated,
laughter in wonder of nature's little lights
Gently cupping, containing, caring
Interest lost with the coming of day
renewed again as the dark returns
to frame their glowing essence.
Long days, existence carefree,
complexions darkened by sunlight's caress
lightened immeasurably
by the easy smiles of simpler times.
Fading away, pulling away,
the lights in the distance fade
taking with them the memories of youth.
Such simple lights,
inspiring pictures carefree,
why do the lights,
bring such heavy tears...?


Copyright© 1998, WAR Enterprises