(the bane, the promise, the answer)

Guiding while misguided
teaching without words
magic in a glance
of starlight streaming from your eyes
Gone the same instant
mystifying, puzzling
yet so entirely alive!

The trickster -
turning base metal to gold
in heat released and realized
by an inferno of leaping flames
a purity of white and rising glory
that never burns or sears
the beauty born of your becoming

Messenger of the gods
travelling from a heaven
we've yet to come to know
into the earth
right through the underworld
and back yet once again
leaving trails of glory in your wake

Always moving
here and gone within a flash
a vision, an hallucination
seen out of the corner of the eye
yet more real than granite
as you touch the depths of heart
with mighty notes resounding
vibrating and reverberating
to bring to life such sweet sensations

Diving, rising
blowing in upon the wind
and leaving peace inside
as we release each exhalation
My soul greets you
with rhythms of joy
to ride on your unending waves
of utter harmony

You bring the dead to Hades
through the transforming fires of hell
and back to life again anew
while the world is reborn
in each rejected individual
who dares your inspiration

Angels sing in praise of all that is
from particles that move in waves
from world soul to source of all that is
touching all that's in between
and you must be the echo, then
that reaches out to everything
for you are our everlasting song

Your swift approach is heralded
by a scent, a sense of something more
like a vibrant energy in motion
as sound becomes a symphony
and you ride the airy waves
of realms of intuition

You bring a touch of ecstasy
light and feathery
in flows of wisdom
only heart will understand
where mood of form
becomes the ground
of life forever moving on

Touched by such a god
we rise above the mortal sphere
transcending man-made barriers
of time and space and mind

You join the outer world with inner
turning saint into a sinner
as joy is born of pain
yet in one touch you bring
an order to this cosmos that we are
as all that once seemed solid
becomes infinite with your flows
of mystic energy

and we move within your rhythm
a rhythm of eternity
where changes made
are sweet and sound
and echo on the wind
that all may stop and wonder
at the magic you bring down

To you, Mercurius, we owe so much
feeling and yet more feeling
beyond feeling
death and yet more life
A movement, step, a breaking free
into a world of serenity
where the purity of water
washes all debris away
cleansing spirit in a stream
of your unmaking

You take the many truths
and blend, alchemically
a new concoction
to calm somehow
the rages of the ages
of our inconsistency

When did we first meet?
In youth when summer turned to magic
In night when silence was profound
or at point of Egypt's pyramids
in days thought lost, yet found
It matters not

What matters most is that we meet
on sacred ground between the worlds
and that we know each other
god and devil
all in one
complete . . .


December 1990
(revised 3/9/2000)
Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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