Mere Lust

Subliminal, these feelings playing
awakening this flesh
as instinct rises again and again
sometimes mesmerizing
almost as if magnetizing
another to draw near

An other that all reason
tells me that
I ought to keep at bay

Yet I feel him wishing, wanting
even carnally desiring
nothing more than to consume
the two of us within
an ecstasy of flesh

while beyond my will
my body begins to respond
and before this night is done
perhaps I'll know
if reason can withhold this rush

when suddenly, the hush of night
arises in between
these earthly forms
and the tempting tease
of his offering
just melts away
to rise perhaps another day
in someone else

and this is good
this mood of endless night
that keeps me from the plight
of one who loves
and finds mere lust returned


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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