A Modern Work of Art

Emptiness feels no pain
only great endurance in time
as a void that consistently creates

according to the rhythm of the day
the rhyme of the hour
the pressure of outer force

Dead inside, beyond all feeling
just abide till darkness stealing
moves us out beyond the fearing
place of doubt, of feeling nearing

Every way beyond the numb
and if we stay we will become
unresponsive to love or hate
not even pensive thoughts of fate

or ecstasy or angry mess
to speak of failure or success
Finished, no where left to go
blemished, refuse not for show

no meaning to cling to, no reason to be
not finding the high view or way to be free
Unbelonging, existential
always longing for essentials

Till energic flow from vibrant source
transforms the sorrow to creative force
poetic in its icy beauty
majestic as a great thief’s booty

removable, like mask of creatures
with unmovable and stone-like features
found in ancient sealed tombs
bound in airtight mummy’s room

almost alive
but not quite

? Michaelette ?

Copywrite© 1998 Michaelette L. Romano
All rights reserved
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