Molecules of Change

the source of this indignity
that we are made to suffer
through the very feelings
of our flesh and blood

these paths of base denial
that tell us that we have
no chance at all to overcome
a death created by the human mind

Biochemical reactions
moving through a system's swell
like waves out on the ocean
that seem heaven till the hell
of major storms break o'er
the harmony of life becoming form

The key of keys
this love that flows
so fully through it all
and is even now extending
to the lock upon the door
of our tomorrows

while there upon the other side
lies all we need to know
as molecules just dance their way
across the universal skies
becoming stars that light the night
of the deepest dark of alibis

Stretch, just stretch
and take just one more step
to find yourself adrift
upon these seas of all creation
where we are the source
of each mutation made

Linger then
for just another moment
and discover what it truly means
to just transcend it all
by stepping out in flesh and form
into this all of everything that is

and be, just be
the loving motion of it all
in molecules of change
that choose to bring
the love of everything
into existence . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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