Moltenly, she screams
within a sense of great abandonment
surrendering to all that's meant to be
in that instance of a moment
just before the dawn will break;
when silence fills the skies within a roar,
and echoes will reverberate
until the time when all the pain is past;
white moving into dark eternal waves;
sound breaking up the inner scapes
and vistas that she thought she knew so well;
until a tear, still trembling
begins descent to innocence
and hatred at last feels a touch of love.

An overwhelming sound of grueling desperation
fills a silence, that once spent
would turn the dark into a glowing dawn;
for light is on the rise again
and the wisdom of the heart
will ever seek to speak the truth
of love's eternal healing strength,
that takes the deep, dark secrets of the night
and raises them to heights of soul's ascent;
where angels sing and auras of the sun
still ring a moon once held as full
while moltenly, her screams still fill
her inner ear with what she fears the most . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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