Most Personal

Subliminal connections
path to all that is unknown
Letting go the preconceived
to watch awareness grow

So real, this base of our integrity
when fear and even terror intercede
and we run back to conventions
as heart begins to bleed into the mind

only to find
that those conventions have worn thin
and the protection we once thought we had
no longer figures in
for now we know

and knowing, we can ne'er go back
to innocence that's blind
or hide within the mind
from heart now come alive
to consciousness

and feeling
can't be done in increments
nor is it linear in its scope
for it is all encompassing

Some seek to meditate their lives away
running from the pain
yet even in these meditative states
the heart and soul remain alive and well
and always lead us back
to love of all
and most essentially to love of self

personal to universal
then the circle's made complete
as we discover that the universal
is really the most personal of all


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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