Mother to Son

You came to me
a soul of innocence
seeking this
no more, no less
than love's completion
within this flesh of form

for you knew that I sought too
for the entirety of love's experience
and so your soul descended into me
and blessed me with your presence

but I was young and fumbling then
still looking for the path
of true love's deliverance
at every level
but no one had ever given me
the example of a love complete
that I might base my life upon

and I made mistakes
that you should never have to bear
as I fumbled in the dark
of life's unknowing
but still I loved you
with all the love I could conceive
at any given point in time

and now I ask for your forgiveness
for it seems I should have loved
yet more complete somehow
but still I can't imagine how
that could have been
for I gave you everything
that I could share

So now I give you this
my simple wish for happiness
and a lady that will love you
in your entirety
in ways I never could or should
yet deeply and completely
free and uninhibited
and thus entirely
for now and ever after
flowing into all eternity

and I ask only this
that you never forget
that in the moment
that you were conceived
I truly loved
for I opened to the everything
and found you waiting there

So I wish you love
the one and only
infinite, eternal verity
that we can be . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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