Motion of Devotion

They claimed it was insanity
that opened up his eyes to see
moving pictures, past and present
underscored by iridescent auras
for they were trapped within
a worn-out view of life

yet meaning always comes of flight
and feelings that arise
within these otherwordly views
as past and future move
through realms that seem
at best to be, imagination taking hold

yet hold we must, to truth
for in these visions
of life that seems to live
itself so endlessly in youth
we are reborn
as level by level
we step through it all
in memories of mind unfolding

Infinite, the scope
of psyche's sight
sensuous, the pure delight
of past unfolding future
in potential as our dreams
are brought to light

within an ordered implication
where perceptions' alteration
blends the past and future
in experience now lived
while each extremity
is balanced by its counterpart

when time becomes no more
than a mere tool of measurement
and timelessness becomes the rule
of every step we take
and move we make

and the whole of life responds
to this insanity beyond all bonds
of societal and intellectual repression
freeing soul to fly o'er fields
of emotions often devastating feel

yet affect lies deep
within the stratum of all being
while divinity becomes a touch
of sensation that brings meaning
as energy flows free
right through these very forms
we have composed
in an ancient and yet
ever new attraction

enchanted by a harmony
of resonance that moves
forever reaching, reemerging
consistently revisioning all life
as past and future seeking
stretching beyond reach
for a truth that lives
beyond, beneath, within
every perimeter of limitation
often called just doubt

yet love is born
again and again
a bridge o'er the chasm
of every seeming perilous adventure
stemming from a heart grown wild
within a frenzied beat
of flesh on flesh

for insanity has always been divine
a fantasy born of a greater mind
and who can really say
that pure imagination is not real
when all we know and feel
sprang from its source

and once we learn to fly
within these skies of bright imagining
in lightning hues of jeweled prisms
the norms of sanity just disappear
and visions form, of heaven-sent
imagination's dawn

where life and all reality
are conceived within a form
ever-changing, ever-changed
by every motion of devotion
that we live . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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