Music of the Night

Memories of starlit night
merge in timeless moment bright
creating awesome beauty found
within the movement of the sound

Sweet music melting every heart
speaking of a brand new start
within an ancient forest bright
within an endless summer night

healing in a crystal forming
endless hues of slow, sweet warming
as if a greater hand had stopped
and gently turned back inner clock

that innocence and youthful joy
become forever's favorite toy
as the strength of earth arises now
meshing with the wind somehow

to become a living deity
that permeates humanity
conferring courage in the sweep
of the wind-blown plain and valley deep

Bright the peaks as sun arises
while the world below disguises
love with every action bent
on happiness, as angels sent

to earth watch over everything
'tis love that makes the angels sing

Copyright 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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