My Mistakes

In reclaiming all
of who I am
I must also reclaim
the mistakes I have made

as I strove to believe
what I wanted to be
might be there
behind the games and lies
you played so well

When was it that your mirror
came so unraveled?
The mirror that at first
so perfectly revealed
the feel of love
I offered you

and shone it back
so clear and bright
that I thought this time
it must be right

Mistaken trust
that, too, I must confess
for my trust in you
proved most untrue of all

and the lies I told myself
as I was pelted by
the raw emotions
that you strove to keep at bay
that came to me within
the interplay of you and I

as I told myself
your heart was true
and forgave each pain
that shot through me
all for your selfish gain

then came the pause
and breath withdrawn
as light came shining through
the cracks within
your mirror of mystery

What can I learn now
from this tragedy
that you have played
upon the stage of life
so long?

except that spirit's strong
even stronger than illusions
of the mind
yet it is gentle with me now
as once again I vow
to live its truth


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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