Mysteries of earth and sea
await the coming night
where the faery and the wolf will meet
and dance in sheer delight

as a river of moisture
rolls through the sands
in an ever moving stream
to fire spirits' dreams
of love tonight

while the gleam of the sun
enlightens every one
even particles that cling
within the secrecy
that seacaves keep from life

while you and I
are made to fly
soaring o'er the oceans waves
beyond the secrecy of caves
and hidden shadows hovering
waiting for the clear reflection
only sunlight brings

and here within your eyes
I see the cosmos burning bright
struck through with pure emotion's energy
and in a mysticism of delight
ah, sensuous the flight
of flesh and soul
bringing union to the whole
of wandering hearts

while the mysteries of earth and sea
await the coming night
where moon and stars
now glow so bright
we simply fade away


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All rights reserved
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