Mystic Union

A boat glides slowly from the shore
bound for the land of evermore
rays of sun slant through the trees
on this first morn of harmony

Faeries dance in silver rings
His hand plays the viola strings
Doves glide gently through the air
the bride and bridegroom kneel, aware

of this sacred moment, destiny
At last begins the symphony
Angels harken to the sound
a choir gathered all around

to witness this most sacred vow
of love eternal, living now
within all hearts; and earth revolves
in cadence, as the fear dissolves

into the mists that fade, complete
as sun, o'er ridge of mighty peak
becomes aware, in pause, bows down
to become a golden ring; a crown

of crystal jewels now appears
on digit of a hand held near
to the heart that beats in unison
of rhythm while their freedom's sung

by the wind, now speaking as the leaves
of a mighty oak, and horns relieve
the tension shared, they stand alone
a work of art begun in tone

of mystic music being played
emotions rise on this, their wedding day
as the universe is born, renewed
in the union of the sun and moon…

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 1998 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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