Mystical Moods of the Flesh

Take a deep and cleansing breath
and close your eyes and see
the awesome multi-colored hues
of emotions passing through
this mortal form we are
rising, blending, changing
playfully, they rearrange
all we used to hear by ear alone

as each vibration calls a tone
into sheer being
reaching for a word
just one word of deep expression
to bring them to the denser climbs
of mind's imagination
closer and yet closer to a form
that they can call their very own

that they too, might hear
in magnificence, this symphony
of the unending harmony
of all creation

now know the scent of wildflowers
here upon the breeze
as they gaze in wistful imagery
upon the living, breathing seas
of mother earth

To taste the flavors, multi-lingual
as they flow in swirling flavors
taste of spicy-sweet upon the tongue
as each sensation reaches to become
a conscious form

Startling and subtle
these adventures of a soul
now being born to mortal form
as tingling, the very cells
of body, of this flesh
will come to intermesh
with all that is

Alive in every particle and sense
aware of want and need, desire
burning with an inner fire
that never can be quenched
enticing us
to want to dance along


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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