Mystical Sunset

The sun begins to near
unending scopes of these horizons
to the west of where we are right now
yet ever opening out to eastern views
while the revolution of the earth
requests its presence
in the south of northern hemispheres
and so it comes
this sun of such enlightenment

and we gaze now, so together
at the splendor of this view
sun moving through and through
deep tints of green and leafy trees
adrift upon this cooling breeze
of one Midwestern summer eve
eyes wide open, seeing all
within the safety of all spirit sight

A healing rainbow glows
like an aura in the afterglow of love
golden center moving out
blending in rose colored hues
and then the blue
oh God, this blue
like no other blue yet come to form
as a strength of healing fascination
pours through all that's being born
right now

Electric and yet mystifying
just as this sun is seemingly
sinking into earth and trees
leaving in its wake
rose colored trails of feathery light
that simply stream into infinity
and enter all that dare to see
this sight of all magnificence in full

and clouds now turn to indigo
with just a touch of purple haze
as softly, night drifts in again
that we might sleep
to dream these heavenly dreams
ever opening to worlds within
this precious realm of living light

while we simply take to flight
in this gentle letting go of night
forever seeking other ways

to make these dreams come true . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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