Mystic Moments

There is a rhythm in silence -
the heartbeat of eternity...

The Quest
Little Angels
 Trance-Like State
 The Chant
 Pure Awakening
 At One
 Unearthly Messenger
 Angel Voices
Back Into the Sun
 A Space Within
 The Balance
 Path to the Stars
Spirits Dancing
 Eye of the Spirit
 A Voice Is Born
 Touch of Reality
 At One
 The Lotus Blooms
 Living Love
The Great Unknown
Spray of Light
Veils of Belief
An Angel Descends
 The Seventh Seal
 Freedom Rings
Heart to Heart
Call of Fate
 The Stone Circle
 Transition (II)
 Born to Dance
 Kiss of Artistry
 At One Again
 Intimate Embrace
 One Flower
 Sizzling Synergy
 Vision of a Raindrop
 White Lotus
 Wisdom of Age
Upon the Sun
Mystic Center
In Tone
Rising Up
 To Touch the Whole
 Mind Expansion
 Right Now
 All There Is
 On the Surface
 Wine of the Gods
 Fire and Ice
 Love's Healing
 Desert Life
 The Veil
 Light Within
 Transcendent Union
 Light of Consciousness
 The Sky of Mind
 Magic of the Mind
Pacific Tides
 To Flight
 Untold Variations
 One Among a Multitude
 Blind Encounter
 Silent Revolution
Mere Illusion
Reaching for Infinity
 Endless Skies
 Between Two Worlds
 The Point
  A Vision
 Cross of Light
 The Path Ahead
 The Light of Love
 In a Heart Beat
 The Level of Cell
 Other Realms
  Spirit's Kiss
  The Presence
 Mystic Moment
 Wounds of Flesh and Time
  Visions Left Untold
 The Freedom of Unity
 To Dare

Copyright© 2002, Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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