Mythic Proportions
(Symbolic Revelations)

I do not speak here of religion
nor even of codified form
I speak of the soul of the world being born
and a myth of the ages evolving in turn

"As above, so below"
in ancient wisdom flows
the very seed of every new tomorrow
incubating in the shadows of the past
seeking nurturance of form that lasts
through time and space and all eternity

Yet what do we really know
that could encompass the whole
of soul evolving?
What words might now express
the truth of spirit
now impressed in time?

Perhaps a tale spun
might tell it best . . .

A man, they say, was born
through the feminine to mortal form
from a seed that deity implanted
a living, moving particle of grace
and living light united
within the darkness of her form
in a great creative act of innocence

(How little credit she receives
within the tomes of history
for this first opening
that allowed the seed
of deity to enter here
into the density of matter)

It drew from her the sustenance
of base necessity and more
for the history of life evolving
was written there somehow
encoded in the form and shape
of living cells and patterned form

It was contained within this safety
of her womb so wet and warm
that his mortal form first grew
into an ageless form that's ever new
in an experience that is itself
the mystery of soul's embodiment

Did he know then of his coming sacrifice
or the excruciating pain of pagan rites
that his future would unfold
or did he hold to innocence
and trust her to protect him
from it all?

Yet he sought experience, and more
the truth within this love of evermore
and he was birthed within her pain
unknown to him, that feel, just then
for her instinct sought
to further life in form
and to this day the pain
of spirit being born to form
is felt by her

At his birth, a star was born with him
that shone so far away
it brought a brightness to the day
of night's arrival
but few would ever see
or seeing, would believe its majesty

It was here within this sphere
of light both far and near
that soul awoke to matter
birthed of air and earth
as from moisture and its darkness
dazzling light was given birth

Even in this newborn form
the shift of power was felt
in places near and distant
for the path of soul's descent
combined with cells' ascent
included all within
its tidal waves of energy

while those who thought
themselves in power
sought the place and hour
of its arrival
for they would have it as their own
to ease the fear of the unknown
that now was rising too

while simple souls in touch with nature
felt a truth at last unleashed
that might crush the smothering beast
within the web of a society
that held them in to a life of poverty

and every particle of light
then sparked in turn another
banding and disbanding in the flow
of an unearthly glow of ease
that then would tease
yet one more spark
into the fire of a life

and this light was thus expanded
as his soul would more and more
become the form
a channel of deliverance
for all humanity

Those in power would not wait
for the form of this bright soul
to evolve and engender the whole
for they coveted and feared
the power that he held so clearly
in the center and circumference
of this growing sphere of light

never seeing that his power
was beyond time or space or hour
for the power of light lies in the flow
of love allowed to grow
through open hearts that dare
to speak its truth to all the world

yet even in his span of life in form
(so limited, yet great the storm
of its existence)
he would manage to show how
the wisdom of a heart could overthrow
pain created over time
and in complexities of mind
by men who little understood
the affect of what they deemed as good

Then came the sacrificial rite
born of power lacking light
engendering the very pain
he meant to heal

and this one man's life was ended
in such pain his image was suspended
forever in the matrix of the mind
and we still reel from the feel
of its arising

Crucifixion, Crown of Thorns
Spear right through the heart
as men in power tried to part
his body from his soul
yet still somehow he reached
and found the whole

while the feminine stood by
and felt, as mother's will, his pain
helpless to reverse or stop
what binding powers of control
had put in motion

and in this state
of excruciating sorrow
at the loss of this, her only child
still the feminine would not give in
to blind authority

and she drew from deep within
the love and faith of heart
that does not falter
and sought within the waters
of the womb of all the world
until she found his soul again

and still she seeks
to finally regain
the unity behind the separation
that life in form creates
for the power of the mind
can still divide
heart and soul from mattered form

but this unity cannot it be found
on ornate altars made of stone
whose roots of sacrificial rite
contain excruciating pain
wielded over and over again
for power's gain

and these wounds inflicted
only now begin to heal
for we have patterned all our lives
on their infliction
even though those patterns led and lead
to an agonizing crucifixion
and acts of endless war
that never quite abates

while this very pain he sought to mend
seems our focus without end
and we are taught that this is so
that to be right, we must somehow
become like him in even this
his crucifixion

Even now, within our day and age
we play these parts upon a stage
that seems to be
yet something here is not quite real
in these roles of ancient sacrifice of life
furthering beliefs that say
that deity is far away
and separate from this flesh

Seeking to extend their rule of fear
those in power have spawned
this base belief of error
that life must end to be complete
and now it seems
our focus has been bent

While the source of life
could wish for nothing more
than intersection and inclusion
in these forms of its creation

But so many are still there
suspended beyond time
in space invisible
hung upon the cross of paradox
of extremity without an end
reliving parts of this, the whole
of the pain he endured

in mythic and archetypal repetition
while still we seek to find
that safety of the womb combined
with freedom that can only come
in soul's release
and these images that have been spun
codified into our forms
by their very repetition
lead ever further from the truth

yet searching deep within our hearts
surely we must find
centered at the core of these beliefs
that a heart and soul
like his or hers or ours
with sparks of deity expanding
could never have meant
that we suffer his pain

for he suffered
that humanity might gain
a new perspective
beyond the power and pain
within his time

How is it we forget
the love of his example?
not just giving, but receiving
and living in the flow

as a little child will
in innocence reach out a hand
to touch and know the beauty all around
to revel in its feel
and thus experience its true reality

yet it seems we hide our hearts
(or does soul still sleep
just there?)
so often within shadows
or in the dual of right and wrong
seeking to be strong
within our very imperfection

or we debate mere definitions
in an intellect that's void of love
turning life into a repetition
of greed and fear's suspicion
while these are just the things
he sought to end

and following the norm
prescribed by some authority
we replace pure acts of love
with endless rules of duty
that turn honor into shame

and answer children's curiosity
so oft' with only cruelty
in games of intellect that span
the empty nights of our unlove

This story has been told
in many ways throughout the ages
and dogmatized beyond its recognition
while those in power seek to keep
control of even this - our soul
as if a soul were ever staid
or static in its form
but no, a soul instead must be
free like wind and sea
in constant flows of change
that never stay the same

like particles in waves
born, unborn, reborn
uniting, dividing, reforming
so too, does soul evolve
and only truly lives and loves
when flowing through the core
of all belief

Now there are those who think
that deity is dead
or simply has abandoned this creation
yet perhaps instead belief has failed
the one initiation that lives on

for the very soul of life
is energy evolving
through time and space and form
archetypally reborn
throughout the ages

like the form of a crystal
invisibly etched
in patterns evolving
through cycles of nature
and eons of time

and it seems more and more
that the choice that is ours
is just this
to choose the energy that matters
and chart its course on future's path

so that in traveling
this long and winding road
we may come to realize
we are the form of its becoming

for eternity patiently waits
(endless, the patience of eternity)
for our minds to awake
to its soul being endlessly born
in ever new and varied forms
within this ever-changing tapestry
of its awareness


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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