Mythic Springs of Being

Myth springs
from realms archetypal
where pure imagination
unidentified and undiluted
is the source, the power
behind all creativity

even as mind seeks to separate
the wheat and chafe
the sorry and the safe
the manifold that springs
from its imbedded mystery

yet behind each synchronicity
lies meaning that belies
the known of reason and of intellect
and puts an end to neediness
as a realization dawns
that the beginning must contain it all

and so we seek behind
in what we think is past
to find this source, creative energy
while a little at a time
(yet all at once)
visions spring
from mind's meandering
as past and future come to meet

then we seek again
this time for joint adventure
perhaps Apollo and Athena
but no, before their birth
yet further back
before the time of mind
when enlightenment
was born of Helios
the sun become a living entity

What potency in just one being
strong enough to free
itself from the surrounding darkness
as light began to meet its opposite
still seeking an awareness
to belie the paradox of form's creation

Yet the sun alone
could only shine on nothingness
until it reached to find its co-creator
in mattered darkness of the earth
revolving round and all about itself
allowing all the else that came to be
its freedom

until she felt the sun upon
vast waters flowing everywhere
allowing warmth to flood
the very atmosphere
she had created

and feeling thus
began to trust
sun's fiery attitudes
as it changed the many moods
of winds that sang
the oceans' tides to life

Alchemical, the combination
and oh, the soft and sweet sensation
that they know
as sun and moon and stars aglow
all gather in to celebrate
the dream, the myth, the afterglow
of one pure moment of experience

ever-changing, ever changed
as particles and waves arrange
another new tomorrow
while half the world sleeps
and the other half awakens
eternally into the light of day . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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