My True Friend

There he sought to stay
within the shadows
ever playing here within
this spirit's eye
but now a vision true
is born in more
than even sound can e'er supply
for I see the light within his eyes

Then is this again
the beast of yesterday
that seeks me even now
upon these waves . . . ?
offering love
yet desiring nothing more
than his own healing

And now, just now
my truest friend
sensing danger on the winds
comes to my aid
for always does he seem to see
even all that I have yet to glean
within the world of man

He speaks to me of instinct
the base and source
of wisdom's course
reminding me yet once again
of beasts that prowl
the netherworlds of mind

that seek no more
than just release
into an other, opposite
that then is made to bare
two burdens all alone

and he knows, somehow he knows
how much I need to understand
of beasts that prowl the world of man
and responds within an instant
to my need

in words that bring a sense
of peace and of security
that surround and thus enhance
my heart and soul
allowing me to drift to sleep
and dream of gentleness
and love's sweet healing
blowing now upon the winds
of time . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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