Nature's Wisdom

The daisy
perfection in simplicity
eight pure white petals
circling a center of gold

infinity's quaternity
a symbol of eternity

double the mixture
and what do we see...? 
white lotus of immortality

Sun Kissed Mist
 The Healing Is Easy
 Living Nature
Natural Majesty
 Sub Rosa
 Just in Time
 A Forest Sleeping
 Uttered in Silence
 Mystical Sunset
 Graceful Glide
 Verdant Meadow
 Raindrops Fall
 Willows Dance
 Breaking Ground
 Forgive Us
 Heat Arising
 The Pond
 Her Response
 Her Symphony
 This Dance
 Quantum Leap
 Lightning Peaks
 The Panther
 To Come To Be
 North Wind
 The Way Back Home
Nature Speaks
Dawn of Spirit
 Picture Window
Flames of Rage
Song of the Willow
A Silent Song
Mighty Feat
 Form of Tomorrow
 Crickets Sing
 Coming To Be
 Lone Wolf
 Within the Mist
 Fleeting Breeze
 On the Rise
 Patterns of Eternity
Vast Cathedral
  Sleeping Bear Cub
 Cyclic Constancy
 Veil of Mystery
 Blanket of Peace
 Crystal Diadem
 Of the Earth
Shining Through
 Nature's Prayer
 Voice of Silence
 Layers of Clouds
 Within the Hush
 A Gust of Wind
 Autumn Morning
 Gift of Destiny
 A Time to Be
Informed Form
 Autumn Leaves
 A Rush
A Gift
 Starlit Dewdrops
 Springtime Wind
 In the Full of the Moon
 Earthen Diety
 To Warm the Night
 Into August
 Encounter in the Night
 To Glide
 Unearthly Revelation
 Green and Growing Things
 Everlasting Moisture
 Sound of Grass
 Come to Free
 Flow of Creation
 Moon So Bright
 Lone Cypress
 Other Worlds
Sun Streams
Winter Storms
 Up in the Sky
 Storm Clouds
Endless Memory
Landscape of Life
 To Find Love
 The Stag
 Approaching Thunder
The Feel of Letting Go
 Life In Time
 The Rainbow Bend
 Cycles Moving
 A Gentle Touch
 Different Hues of Blue
 Storm Clouds
 Encounter with a Butterfly
She Dreams
Feel the Flow
 Lightening Struck
 Dynamic Quality
 The Morning Dawns
 Work of Art
 Nature's Trance
 The Sun Breaks Through
 Eternal Life
The Voice of Life
 A Breath of Air
 From the dark
  Living Nature
Autumn's Mood

 In a Ray of Sun
Scent of Harvest
 In the Spring
 Of the Wind
 Oh Mystery
 Stark Outline
 Lightning's Flight
 Summer Afternoons
 Willows Speak
 Every Day
 Slow and Easy
 Still and Silent Lake
 Mystery of Air
 In Focus
 To a Higher Level
 Pure Unknowing
 Her Dream
 In Relation
 Frost Forms
 One Roar
 Back into the Dream
 Nimbus of Eternity
 Aura of Earth
The Setting Sun
Specks of Gold
 Crimson Red
Colors of Autumn
 The Flow of Evermore
From a Distance
 Nature's Healing
Silent Song
 The Trees and I
 Depths of Time
 Distant Stars
 Summer's End
 Whispered Words
 Emerald Tinted Skies
 Heart of the World
 The Sun
Eternal Order
 A Journey
 Nature's Power
 Circadian Rhythm
Open Door
Mists of Morning
A Rose Blooms
 Birth of Spring
 Misty Morning
 Heaven on Earth
The Grace of Autumn
 Trace of Eternity
 First Snow
 She Speaks
 Summer Morn
The Willow
 Two Willows
 The Shadow of a Butterfly
 Earth's Healing
     Copyright© 2002, Michaelette L. Romano
     All Rights Reserved
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