Nature's Inspiration

I see the sun shine brightly
o'er a massive cloud of darkness
pregnant with the moisture of the earth
and shadows play
within the light of day
while the glare sustains
illusions of the night

yet the trees still seek
to speak their truth
within the winds that blow
through everywhere
even as the sky
dazzles us with mighty visions born

the whispers of the trees
can tell it all
for they know of birth and death
and the endless rounds of life
here and gone within
these cyclic moods of strife

when storms will try to break
their very will
yet still they sway and bend
within the wind
standing stronger for the storms
that seek in chaos to erase
the whispered message being born

yet the trees go on and on
for they also know the gentle summer breeze
that comes along to tease
inspiring the child inside to play
even in declining days
of autumn's turn
when leaves will burn
more brightly for the end they know is near

and the earth will ease herself
drifting off to yet another dream
within the sleep of winter's ice
when numbness steals the feel
of warmth that streams
from sunlight's heated fire
and the spirit of the trees
withdraws into the womb of warmth
that's only found within . . .

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All rights reserved
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