Nature Speaks

Nature speaks
and caresses the cheek
of those who listen

At times she speaks
in sultry summer tones
Her landscape is her poem
in praise of all creation

Then there is the voice of sorrow
sometimes heard as leaves will fall
yet in the end. they will descend
to the safety of her embrace

When the chill of winter
sends a sudden shiver up the spine
and silent snow, in purity of white
blankets her from sunlight's sight
forming crystals in the night
that burst in sudden brilliance
with the dawn
and quietude is all around

this dream awaiting spring
when the joy of every living thing
bursts forth in glory once again
and the birds will sing
of the energy she brings
as another cycle of growth begins

Her oceans are the breadth
and the depth of all emotion
Deep her waters run
in hidden places
Tides ebbing and flowing
and changing the form
of everything they touch

Her mountains the height
of imagination in flight
with the wind on high
her magic sigh
that fuels the fires
of life with desire

and oh, the plains
where grace of grain
and trees abound
with wild flowers all around
Their scent floats o'er the open ground
and enters everything

Such wonders can be found
if we open and accept her grace
as ours
for after all
She truly is where we begin
and will be when we end
only to find
that we begin yet once again


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All rights reserved
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