Never Home At All

Wrong intentions
can so consume a thing
that it's being becomes hidden
somewhere deep and far away
lost far beneath within a sense
of vast remembering

As we try to walk along
the labyrinthine ways
of minds that remain closed
to all that is most real
we cannot help but feel
a sense of utter desolation
for the others that are lost
and wandering there

yet we have seen the light
and more, have walked
right through the ever-open door
into infinite realms of pure being
where love expands and builds
itself into tomorrow's dreams

and now I find I must let loose
the holding of your hand
for you have chosen to go back
into the darkness of those closed
and unforgiving corridors
of doors that stick and lock themselves
at the will and whim of something
other than yourself

while to be me, I must go on
seeking for a love that streams
so strongly into life
that even darkness
must transcend itself
in the purity of being

and so I move
for move I must
else remain rooted
to become no more than one
within a darkness
that was never home at all . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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